Accuser vs accused: What both sides say in latest assault claim against Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax


Amid the widening scandal in Va state government, Luxury touring. Governor Mr. bieber Fairfax had been accused Fri by a previous Duke Student of a intimate assault within 2000.

Listed here are the claims by both attorney for your accuser, Meredith Watson, plus Fairfax themselves.

Nancy Erika Smith, lawyer for Watson:

We act as counsel pertaining to Meredith Watson, who was raped by Mr. bieber Fairfax within 2000, whilst they were each students in Duke College. Mr. Fairfax’s attack has been premeditated plus aggressive. The 2 were close friends but by no means dated or even had any kind of romantic relationship.

Microsoft. Watson distributed her accounts of the rape with buddies in a number of emails plus Facebook text messages that are at this point in our ownership. Additionally , we now have statements through former class mates corroborating that will Ms. Watson immediately informed friends that will Mr. Fairfax had raped her.

Microsoft. Watson has been upset to understand that Mister. Fairfax raped at least one some other woman right after he assaulted her. The facts of Microsoft. Watson’s assault are similar to these described simply by Dr . Vanessa Tyson.

At the moment, Ms. Watson is unwillingly coming ahead out of a solid sense associated with civic responsibility and the girl belief those seeking or even serving in public areas office needs to be of the top character. This wounderful woman has no fascination with becoming a mass media personality or even reliving the particular trauma which has greatly impacted her existence. Similarly, she actually is not looking for any monetary damages.

For our customer, we have informed Justin Fairfax through their attorneys that will Ms. Watson hopes he can resign through public workplace.

Justin Fairfax, Lieutenant Chief excutive of Va:

I refuse this most recent unsubstantiated claims. It is demonstrably false. There are never pressured myself upon anyone actually.
I requirement a full analysis into these types of unsubstantiated plus false accusations. Such an analysis will verify my accounts because We are telling the facts.
I will crystal clear my great name and am have absolutely nothing to hide. I use passed 2 full industry background checks from the FBI plus run just for office within two extremely contested polls with nothing can beat this becoming raised prior to.
It is apparent that a aggresive and matched smear marketing campaign is being orchestrated against me personally.
I will not really resign.